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Calcutta Kids’ mission is to provide essential services that enable adolescent girls, women, and children in Kolkata’s slums to thrive. Their objective is to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality. They provide prenatal and postpartum health care, labor and delivery services, neonatal and pediatric health care, nutrition assistance, growth monitoring and promotion, health education and more. Calcutta Kids accomplishes these objectives by engaging health workers in the community who undertake hands-on and home visit interaction in order to provide direct and accepted help.
I heard about this group before leaving on a trip to Asia in 2018. A friend who knew of my interest in India introduced me to the founder of Calcutta Kids, Noah Levinson. I had gone back to Kolkata to photograph human rickshaw pullers but photographing the work of Calcutta Kids was far more rewarding.
I find donating to Calcutta Kids very satisfying as you can directly see the work they are doing and how your money is being used. If you cannot go to India to see for yourself, they would be happy to tell you what they are doing and share the evidence of the success of their program.
Here are just a few pictures to show their work.