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It is December 2020, and the pandemic is forcing us to stay indoors at home. And I miss crowds. I miss going into large crowds. Getting up close, maybe making a brief connection and then photographing. I enjoy watching people, act like, well, people.
So, come join me as I take you into and around Chandni Chowk, a busy market in the heart of Delhi, India. It is chaotic - crowds, cars, trucks, tuk-tuks, bicycle rickshaws, people carrying or pushing terribly heavy loads. Streets are known for their specific products, fireworks, jewelry, spices, fruits, cloths, weddings, saris, etc. It can sometimes even be hazardous. In 2016, at the time of the Diwali celebration, the firework’s street exploded killing at least one person and injuring others.
You can escape the chaos at two beautiful temples, the Sikh Temple, Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib and the Jama Masjid Mosque.
I look forward to the time the pandemic will be safely behind us and I will be able to again mix freely with crowds and photographic people being people.