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Father's Day 2023Father's Day 2023
In celebration of Father’s Day 2023, I put together this gallery of proud fathers with their children.
Photographs are often created by the subject and the photographer, in collaboration. So, I must share credit with my subjects when a picture works. Sometimes, pictures are taken without the subject being aware or without all the subjects agreeing to be photographed. Pictures #18 is of an agreeable dad and not so happy child. I was told mine was likely the first white face he saw.
When taking pictures of fathers, I often observed how many of the fathers puffed up their chests as if to say: “Hey, look here! Look what I’ve done! Pretty good, right! It wasn’t so easy, ya know.”
Today, it has become more difficult to get permission to photograph people you don’t know, especially those with children. I hope you enjoy seeing this gallery. It wasn’t so easy, ya know. :))
PS, The boy in #3 graduated college making his father very, very proud