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These are pictures of the Kampot, Cambodia fishing fleet and market. Kampot is a small city in southern Cambodia on the Praek Tuek Chhu River. The fishermen are the Cham people. They are Muslim and have lived peaceably in this Buddhist country for hundreds of years. The Chams are also a matriarchal society. The Cham men fish and bring their catch to the Kampot dock on the river. The Cham women then sell the fish at the market that gathers every morning.
I went to Cambodia in 2012. I taught photography to preteens for two weeks in Sihanoukville at the Goodwill Center, an afterschool center much like our Boys & Girls Clubs. Afterwards, I went to explore some nearby cities. Kampot was my first stop. There were very few tourists and none at the fish market. I was fortunate that the Cham tolerated me and my camera. Ten years ago, I was an unusual sight.