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North Valley Caring Services (NVCS) is a nonprofit organization serving the residents in the Northeast San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Among its many services, it provides food to the needy, breakfast and bathroom and safe parking for homeless people who are living in their cars, and after-school programs for children. NVCS began as a soup kitchen in 1978 and has grown to become the largest single-site food distribution center in the San Fernando Valley, offering multi-pronged interventions to tackle homelessness, poverty. and food insecurity in its community. Because of Covid restrictions, it created a drive-through food pantry that operates every Friday and serves over 5,000 households a month. NVCS partners with other organizations to deliver food to those in need who cannot drive up.
I am impressed by the dedication of the volunteers. The same people keep showing up week after week lifting those 40-pound boxes into cars. I find donating to NVCS very satisfying as you can directly see the work they are doing. You can even volunteer to help to distribute food on Friday mornings. If you would rather not lift heavy boxes, you can put the food into them.
Here are just a few pictures to show their work at the Friday morning food pantry.